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What are some benefits of being on the Web:

National & Worldwide exposure for products and services
Showcase your homes, communities or products 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Pre-sell buyers with your products and services
Information received at a customer's convenience
Assurance to clients you are a professional business
Increased Speed for customer service response
Immediate Access to pricing and inventory information
Automated order processing
Product and service information easily maintained

How much does a Website cost?

A custom Website cost is based upon your specific needs. Sites range from $500 to $120,000 including custom database design, hosting, multiple domains, graphics & logo design, search engine listings and many other options. Solutions from Realtor Consulting are consistently 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of other firms due to our low overhead and industry experience.

  Why Realtor Consulting?
  • A decade of experience assisting the real estate industry
  • Award Winning Services, Website & Graphics designs
  • Cost effective solutions designed for your business
  • Realtor Consulting supports the HBA, NAHB and other industry associations
  • Profits are reinvested to research and provide additional professional services for your business or organization
  • Realtor Consulting is simply the best solution for your marketing & technology needs
  • One Stop Solutions for your technology & marketing needs which saves time & money
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